Ƶstudents pose behind pillars in downtown San Jose.
Photos: Mel Chircop ’21 BFA Photography

Experience the Heart of Silicon Valley

ƵLoves SJ is a showcase of the strong, collaborative relationship between San José State University and the city of San José. As the capital of Silicon Valley—a vibrant city at the center of innovation, creativity and technology—there is so much to love and celebrate about this place we call home. With Ƶlocated in the heart of the city, the ƵLoves SJ initiative, in collaboration with Visit San José, the Downtown Association, Japantown Business Association, and San José City Hall, further connects and and integrates students, faculty and staff with the culture of the thriving local community.

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Students throwing paper airplanes.

Spartan Pride Points

What happens in Silicon Valley changes the world — and Ƶis the university changing Silicon Valley. Discover the many ways Spartans are impacting the campus, the city of San José and beyond.

City Hall Flag Raising 2023 photo by Robert Bain
Photo by Robert Bain


San José State University is a fixture in the local community because of the robust and storied partnerships that help craft the vibrancy that defines life in Silicon Valley. Learn more about how SJSU's involvement can be found all over the region.

Students jumping in front of a wall that says San Jose State University.

Weeks of Welcome

The start of every semester begins with Weeks of Welcome (WOW) programs and events designed to provide support for students as they transition into Ƶand connect with the Spartan and San José community.

Downtown San Jose with map drop pins.

Explore San José Together

Get to know your new home and explore all the great things San José has to offer with our interactive Google Map. Students will be able to explore the best places to grab coffee, catch a show, taste delicious food, discover which places have student discounts and experience local landmarks. 

Students taking a selfie in front of Hammer Theatre.

ƵBucket List

Make your college experience a memorable one and take advantage of our ƵBucket List to help you check off different ways to prove you’re a true Spartan.

Alumni Stories

Milan Balinton has served as executive director of San José’s African American Community Service Agency for more than a decade. He’s just getting started. Photo courtesy of Malin Balinton.

Patti Jo “PJ” Hirabayashi, ’77 MUP (left) and Roy Hirabayashi celebrate 50 years of creating dance, music and art with San José Taiko in 2023. Photo: Jim Gensheimer.

Ƶalumnus Ricardo Cortez combines art, culture and history in his new book, “Lowrider ABCs.” Photo courtesy of Ricardo Cortez.

Kalina Chan now works as a program manager at a nonprofit in Silicon Valley. Photo courtesy of Kalina Chan. Illustration by Jennifer Guo.

Jabil scholars and Ƶstudents get a chance to work on hands-on projects at Jabil. Photos courtesy of Heri Herrera.

Emilio Gallegos served in the U.S. Marines from 1999-2010. Bay Area photographer Vicki Topaz interviewed him and his family for the film “By My Side.” Photo by Vicki Topaz.

Ƶ(and E-Lab) alum and Guildhouse founder Kevin Wick, '13 Entrepreneurship, speaks to E-Lab students.  Photo by Jim Gensheimer.

Nina Chuang, '23 Nutrition and Food Science, with ƵPresident Cynthia Teniente-Matson. Photo by Robert Bain.

Timpany Center staff and clients have weathered many storms together. From left: staff members Carina Rodriguez-Tsai and Maranda Amaral, client Felipe Gonzalez, staffer Brittany Manrubia, program and operations director Jennifer Schachner, and staffer Kelsey Basilio. Photo: Robert C. Bain.

Community Relations

President Cynthia Teniente-Matson with San Jose City Manager Jennifer Maguire.
Photo by Robert Bain

Community and Government Relations

Learn about how SJSU's Community and Government Relations team works to maintain collaborative relationships at all levels of government.

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