Student Research Day 2024

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Banner Bearers 2024

You can click the link above to rewatch the ceremony. Good luck grads!

astrobiology graphic

Professor Rios awarded NASA grant to start Astrobiology program

Dr. Andro Rios recieved funded (totaling $331k) to initiate an Astrobiology Scholars Program between SJSU, Skyline College and NASA Ames.

sjsu faculty staff photo

In the 2023-24 Award Ceremony, staff and faculty were honored including our college's own Professor Gilles Muller who is this year's President’s Scholar.

Student research day photo

Student Research Day

The 19th Annual College of Science Student Research Day will be on Friday, April 19 from 11am - 2pm, at the breezeway/grassy knoll by Duncan Hall and the new ISB.

Commencement Photo

Spring 2024 Commencement

Congratulations to the graduating class of Spring 2024! Please click on the link above, for more information.

2024 Solar Eclipse

NBC Bay Area reports Dr. Aaron Romanowsky provided telescopes to students and passersby to get the best view of the partial solar eclipse.

MS Quantum Tech MS Program leaders

Dr. Hilary Hurst, Dr. Ehsan Khatami, and Dr. Hiu-Yung Wong lead an all new master’s program in quantum technology.

ISB ribbon cutting photo

ISB Ribbon Cutting

The Interdisciplinary Science Building is now open! Please click the link to see more details about the ISB and the official ribbon cutting!

Elizabeth Skovran's lab

Dr. Elizabeth Skovran and her team's research could lead to an eco-friendly way of recycling the rare earths in old electronic waste.  

Ryder ice shelf photo

Dr. Mike Wood's new study showing the remaining ice shelves in Greenland are on the verge of collapse.

Fred Larabee headshot

Dr. Fred Larabee explains the web-like substance carrying baby spiders found in the air throughout the Bay Area.

Cassandra Paul

A study by Dr. Cassandra Paul and collaborator David Webb shows that changes in course structure can help eliminate grade equity gaps.

Amanda Kahn photo

Dr. Amanda Kahn discusses the discovery of the Octopus Garden and the research that followed.  

ƵBoccardo gate photo

Ƶresearchers recently received nearly $7 million in federal funding for STEM education and science research.

Dean Kaufman photo

University and College of Science Awardees

The College of Science gave awards to outstanding staff, faculty and alumni in 2023.

Craig Clements Photo

Dr. Craig Clements discusses the wildfire situation and his collaboration with fire experts in Greece.

Photo of Craig Clements, Hilary Hurst, and Ningkun Wang

Dr. Craig Clements, Dr. Plamen Koev, Dr. Hilary Hurst and Dr. Ningkun Wang were all awarded grants for health, safety and STEM research initiatives.

Gina Quan and Annie Chase

Dr. Gina Quan and Lecturer Annie Chase, are collaborating on an NSF-funded project to support transfer students of color in Physics.

Dr. Romanowsky and Dr. Paul headshot

Dr. Aaron Romanowsky and Dr. Cassandra Paul receive President’s Scholar and Outstanding Professor, respectively.

Minghui Diao

Dr. Minghui Diao explains the importance in researching clouds and aerosols in order to predict the effects of climate change.

Payumo lab

Dr. Alexander Payumo shares his motives for his research in the mammalian heart and the impact of his lab's research.

Jonathan Miller

Dr. Jonathan Milller explains why gold prospectors flock to California after historic rain storms. 

Alison Bridger photo

Dr. Alison Bridger gives comments to NBC Bay Area about how climate change may impact the recent winter storms in California. 

Wilkinson lab group photo

Four Ƶstudents contribute in an innovating article co-authored by Dr. Katherine Wilkinson and Nobel Prize Winner, Ardem Patapoutian.

best overall award winners at SVIC

Three teams of Master of Biotechnology students each won awards at this year's Silicon Valley Innovation Challenge.

Marianna Velasco photo

Marianna Velasco receives the Best Poster award in Microbiology from the ABRCMS 2022.

WIRC researchers

Dr. Clements and Dr. Kochanski lead a ground-breaking canyon wildfire study.

Scott Shaffer photo

Dr. Scott Shaffer receives Cal Academy's Fellow rank for his notable contributions to science.

Marion Campisi photo

Dr. Marion Campisi's research article about a new method for identifying gerrymanders featured on the Washington Post's website

Nicholas Taddeo photo

Nicholas Taddeo Jr. Creating More Inclusive Opportunities

Nicholas Taddeo Jr.,'69 designates Ƶas a beneficiary to creating more inclusive opportunities in the software development field.

Barbara Bekins photo

Barbara Bekins, Paul Byrd and the Gift of Teaching

Hydrologist Barbara Bekins, ’88 MS Math, designates the Paul F. Byrd Scholarship Endowment in the College of Science as a beneficiary to honor her inspiring Math professor.


Information for newly admitted students

A short introduction to the College of Science by Dean Michael Kaufman, a Student and Alumni Panel, and department webinars are linked here.

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